Live TV Streaming Moves to Apps

Client: E-Commerce Client
Task: Multimedia Design Production Development
Skills: iOS/Android/App Development
How a TV company was able to break into the Mobile market.

This client was already established as a commercial TV channel with established business processes and a good reputation. However they realised that to expand their business they needed to fully embrace the digital world and be visible in the app marketplace. They approached us with a clear view of what they wanted to achieve, just not how to make it happen technically.

We were able to produce both iOS and Android apps that replicated their existing channel aesthetics and provided e-commerce functionality so their customers could buy directly through the apps.

The resulting apps made use of video streaming, animations, easily customisable styled design and networking to allow easy updating of the app content. This was achieved through close collaboration with the clients graphics team and through working with their in house development team to produce an efficient API; which was something their development team had not been familiar with.

Following the launch the structure of the built apps allowed for easy content update and maintenance of the app functionality. Consequently we were able to hand over the ongoing maintenance and future development back to their existing in house team