How much does an app cost?

This is probably the most common first question we get asked when discussing mobile apps with prospective clients. The flippant answer is "how long is a piece of string"!

As with most software products the cost is dependant on the functionality you are looking to include and the richness and individuality of the graphics you want to present to your users.

There are other factors that come into play as well obviously such as whether you have designers already within your company? Are you designing and providing the graphics yourself? Will you be doing your own testing? Will the iPhone app or Android App connect to a server and if so are you developing that yourself?

Additionally a question not to be underestimated is how mature your app idea is. If you simply have an idea for an app, rather than one based around an existing business or website there is a danger that your idea could snowball into an all singing all dancing solution, or it will result in multiple re-works of the app prior to launch. It is always best to remember that age old mantra of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid).

So how much does an app cost? Can only be answered by how much do you want to pay?

Why not contact Organise Ltd to discuss it and together we'll determine the price thats right for you.

I have a website why do I need a mobile app?

Lots of businesses believe as long as they have a website an app is not necessary. They can market their business through their existing websites and the social media sites. That is true and it may be all that is required. However depending on the nature of their business, the market they are in and the customers they are trying to attract just relying on a website, especially one not optimised for use on a mobile, may be more of a hindrance than a help.

In 2015 Flurry reported that users spent 90% of their time in apps compared to the mobile web*. That is a large customer base that you could be missing out on.

There is also a great opportunity in creating an app as a showcase for your business and ensuring the user has a great experience. Improvements have been made in the last year but in 2015 Mobile Commerce Daily reported that 45% of mobile app users disliked their app experience, whereas 47% disliked their web experience*.

Would your website fare better than that? Are you reaching all of your potential customers?

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[* As reported by Oliver Binistri in June 2016 on his Digital Marketing Blog]

Why do I need a website?

Working in technology I find it strange that businesses still ask this question. John Stevens* reported that there were 3.26 billion internet users as of December 2015, which is over 40% of the world population. Of those 40% have bought products or goods online. That means there are over 1 billion potential customers for your business.

Even if your business does not sell products, but is providing a service with so many internet users (and the numbers are continuing to grow), can you afford to not have a website? How else will your new customers find you?

You may believe having a presence on popular social media sites will suffice without owning your own website but be wary of just relying on another site to showcase your business as you will have no control over the success or demise of that site. You are affectively renting your space (usually free of charge) but the landlord could simply decide to sell up at any time.

Depending on the complexity of your business model and required site the cost of having your own website does not need to be extortionate and you may find that you can combine in with some mobile app development and reach an even greater audience.

Why not contact Organise Ltd to discuss your web requirements.

[*Hosting facts.com - Internet Stats & Facts for 2016]

What training can you do?


What do I need to write my own mobile app?


I have no technical knowledge, does it matter?


I'm trying to run a business already how will I find the time to create an app?


We already have a team of developers what can you provide?